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About Me

Co-founder at CrestanCorp, one stop shop for all your tech requirements & director at Cybercreek Solutions, a tech startup with two products in B2B and B2C space that is and

Hi There! I'm Aman Singh

I'm a tech guy and I like to help people find their dream job or build their business/startups. I provide personal & batch training in communication, resume designig & interview and web/mobile app development. I also help other startups and people creating road map of product development with their tech stack, team building, hosting architechture and scaling.

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Trianing & Development
Voice Over & Audio

My Services

Here are some services that I provide through my startups/team. There are some services that I provide personally like resume writing, voice over and IT - Constultancy.

Resume Writing & Designing

I provide resume writing service individually and uses design template available on my website MakeResume. For resume writing service check out my gig on fiverr

IT Consultancy Schools/Startups

I help schools with their administrative IT requiremnt through my startup Zixana

I also provide IT Consultancy to startups and companies.

Web Designing

Web designign is the process of desining the layout UI/UX of a web application, wordpress theme or static websites. This service is provided my team at CrestanCorp

App Design

App design is similar to web design, it includes front end desining of mobile application and consumption of APIs for data processing. This service is provided by my team at CrestanCorp

Web Development

Web development is the process of developing backend logic for both mobile and web applications. We uses PHP as core tech for web developing that may extends to MVC frameworks, RDBMS, JWT APIs, REDIS Cache & Object Database. This service is provided my team at CrestanCorp

Voice Over

I'm music and audio enthusiast. I provide high quality professional voice over services for advertisement, narration, youtube video etc. Checkout My Demo

Have any project on mind?

Focus on your core task and deligate the rest to the good professionals. Feel free to contact me for suggestion and discussion if you are looking out for any service I mentioned above. A little chat doesn't cost anything but help you figure out your path.

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D 1/174, Sector F, Jankipuram, Lucknow


+91 7318206793